Press Release: Paolo Kalaw joins evident as new CEO


evident is pleased to announce that the company is expanding its management team with one of the most experienced executives in the dental industry. Paolo Kalaw has been named Chief Executive Officer of evident, replacing outgoing CEO Rayne Verity.

Paolo brings with him 20 years of experience as a global leader in dentistry. In his role as CEO of nimbyx, Paolo is helping revolutionize healthcare software to allow industry professionals around the world to streamline efficiencies and improve connections with each other.

“Over the last five years, evident has become the ultimate cloud-based tool for dental laboratories,” says Paolo. “We have acquired evident and are investing a significant amount of capital into the company. Our focus is on accelerating delivery of evident’s new technology innovations to help our customers expand and grow their businesses.”

Paolo adds, “Our current target market comprises small to medium labs; we’re aiming to help these laboratories achieve the same expertise and buying power as larger labs, so they can become more competitive and successful.”

“After being in the industry for over 20 years, we know times are tougher for labs right now. We are taking decades’ worth of experience in the acquisition, transition, and expansion of dental laboratories – including our learnings from operating Frontier Dental Laboratories – and providing these laboratories with the templates they need for business growth,” Paolo says.

“We are planning on sharing templates that we have developed to help operators save time and money and become more successful in their businesses. We are also soon offering group purchase discounts on shipping and supplies for dental laboratories. We look forward to announcing new developments soon,” Paolo shares.

Lastly, we are proud to announce the formation of the evident New Technology Advisory Board, which aims to continually develop ways to help laboratories improve their business. We would like to welcome to the board the following industry thought leaders, each renowned in the dental community: Bobby Williams CDT and Dell Dine CDT. We look forward to announcing the new members of evident’s New Technology Advisory Board in the days to come.

nimbyx is the online healthcare marketplace that connects dentists, dental labs, and distributors. “We’re committed to not only helping you achieve maximum business growth but also keeping your information safe. nimbyx is one of the few companies that is compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and the standards on privacy and data protection of both Canada and the United States.

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