National Association of Dental Laboratories –

National Association of Dental Laboratories –

Membership benefits come in all shapes and sizes. What matters most to you? Do the words in this image resonate with you? NADL has built membership benefits and resources that help you run your business smarter, faster, and better. Are you taking advantage of everything your membership entitles you to? If not, read on to better understand the world of resources NADL has put at your fingertips!

Save time, save money, and make sure it’s on time. Your reputation is sometimes the only determining factor when acquiring or keeping clients. Make sure you protect it. Ship your cases and products to your clients with UPS. You receive a discount on shipping fees with UPS whether you ship local or international, overnight or standard delivery, one package or one million. This is a great option for both small and large laboratories. NADL negotiated rates that most laboratories cannot achieve on their own. Shipping even one package with UPS will generate a savings. The more packages you ship, the more you save. Find out more and sign up

Keep your bottom line in the black – collect what you are owed. Burt & Associates is a collection agency with over 70% success rate (that’s a pretty “big deal” in the debt collection industry). They are professional and assertive, while helping you collect the money you already earned. “No pay” and “slow pay” clients are a headache to deal with and most dental laboratories simply do not have the staff time to chase down uncollected income. Let Burt & Associates help you reclaim not only your income, but also your time. Contact Burt & Associates today to get started by calling (800) 755-7111 ext. 202

Fifty independent states – staying abreast of regulatory compliance One of the biggest challenges for each of you is staying compliant on a state and federal level. Since there isn’t one set of rules that govern every dental laboratory in the United States, every state has the power to act independently on most issues. The state decides if your laboratory has to be registered with that state, if you have to provide additional disclosure to the dentist in that state, and if you have to have continuing education in order to renew your registration with that state. For more info go to –

You have an advocate and advisor in NADL. We monitor legislation and keep you up to date. We testify and act as subject matter experts with allied organizations such as OSHA, FDA, and the ADA. We are yourvoice. Have you visited the NADL Member Resource Library on lately? There are articles and downloadable documents covering OSHA compliance, FDA regulations, dental laboratory administration and public awareness. These guidance documents are available 24/7 online to keep you up and running with the best information no matter what hours you keep.

You may still have questions about what you’re required to do even after reading these documents and speaking to your state board. That’s okay – NADL is here to help you with personal assistance when you call our office at (800) 950-1150 or email us at

By choosing to be a member of NADL, you are never alone. Contact us with any questions you may have about your membership benefits, what products we offer to help you keep compliant, or where you can find additional resources.

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